Supervend 25kg: Introducing our versatile all-purpose creamer, designed to elevate your hot beverages, vending machine selections and culinary creations. This creamer is meticulously crafted in a powdered form, making it an ideal choice for enhancing the taste and texture of tea and coffee.

Each bag contains a generous quantity of 25 kilograms, ensuring a reliable and ample supply for various applications. Whether you are seeking to enrich the flavor of your favorite beverages or enhance the culinary experience in professional kitchens, our all-purpose creamer is the perfect choice.



Introducing Nestle Supervend Milk Powder, a versatile all-purpose creamer specifically designed to enhance hot beverages, vending machines and culinary dishes. This premium creamer, in convenient powder form, has been expertly crafted to deliver exceptional taste and texture when added to tea and coffee. It is important to note that Nestle Supervend Milk Powder is not intended for baby feeding purposes. Rather, its formulation has been optimized to cater to the needs of beverage and culinary applications.

The composition of Nestle Supervend Milk Powder includes carefully selected ingredients such as glucose syrup and palm oil, which contribute to its smooth and creamy consistency, allowing for a delightful sensory experience. Each package of Nestle Supervend Milk Powder comes in a substantial 25kg bag, ensuring an abundant supply for commercial settings or food service establishments that demand larger quantities.

With Nestle Supervend Milk Powder, you can confidently elevate the taste and quality of your hot beverages, whether in vending machines, hospitality establishments or when preparing culinary delights. Its versatility and premium formulation make it a reliable choice for achieving exceptional results in a variety of applications.