Nestle Alegria Skimmed Milk Powder (Machine)

Nestlé Alegria Skimmed Milk Powder 500g: offers a delightful and health-conscious option with its light and low-calorie composition, containing a mere 1% fat content.

Specifically formulated as an easy froth version, this milk powder effortlessly lends a thin and creamy texture to beverages.



By opting for Nestlé Alegria Skimmed Milk Powder, wastage of fresh milk is effectively minimized, as the powdered form allows for precise portioning according to individual preferences. Furthermore, the compact nature of the product requires less storage space, promoting convenience and efficiency.

Notably, Nestlé Alegria Skimmed Milk Powder is an ambient product, meaning it can be stored at room temperature without the need for refrigeration. This attribute enhances its practicality, making it suitable for various settings such as offices, cafeterias or other environments where refrigeration may not be readily available.

Experience the balanced combination of health-consciousness, easy frothing capabilities and efficient storage that Nestlé Alegria Skimmed Milk Powder brings to your beverage enjoyment.