Sesli Hotel Blanket

When it comes to material options for our blankets, we have carefully selected three high-quality choices: polyester, acrylic and cotton.



Polyester is an incredibly soft and cozy material, ensuring a pleasant touch while offering remarkable durability that can last for about 5-10 years. It’s an excellent choice for long-lasting comfort and warmth.

Acrylic is exclusively used in our Hotel and Donation range of blankets, known for its exceptional longevity, lasting up to an impressive 15 years. These blankets are designed to withstand frequent use and maintain their superior quality over an extended period.

For those seeking breathability and temperature regulation, cotton is the ideal choice. This natural material allows for excellent airflow, making it perfect for adapting to both cold and warm seasons. Additionally, both acrylic and cotton retain heat exceptionally well, ensuring a snug and cozy experience during chilly nights.

In conclusion, no matter your preference, our range of blankets offers a variety of material options tailored to suit your needs, providing long-lasting comfort and exceptional quality for many years to come.