Parmalat Milk Pods

Parmalat Milk Pods 20ml x 50: Parmalat presents its convenient and carefully crafted 20ml individual serving milk pods, tailored to enhance your tea or coffee experience.

With 50 milk pods per package, our offering ensures ideal portion sizes for your beverage of choice. These milk pods have been thoughtfully designed to meet various dietary requirements as they are Halaal and Kosher certified.

Additionally, they provide a valuable source of Vitamin D, promoting overall well-being. Each package contains 50 exquisitely packaged 20 ml milk pods, ready to elevate your enjoyment of tea or coffee.


Parmalat Milk Pods are individually sealed servings of high-quality milk, providing a convenient and hassle-free option for milk lovers to enjoy their favorite hot beverages. With each pod containing 20ml of carefully sourced and processed milk, Parmalat ensures a rich and creamy flavor that complements tea or coffee perfectly.

The portion-controlled size of these milk pods eliminates the need for measuring and reduces wastage, guaranteeing a consistent and satisfying cup every time. Additionally, Parmalat Milk Pods are Halaal and Kosher certified, accommodating diverse dietary needs. They also serve as a good source of Vitamin D, promoting healthy bones and overall well-being.

Packaged with 50 pods, Parmalat ensures an ample supply for daily beverage consumption or sharing with others. Each pod is hygienically sealed to preserve freshness. Whether you’re a tea enthusiast, a coffee lover or simply seeking convenience, Parmalat Milk Pods offer a delightful and practical solution to enhance your beverage experience.