Milk Long Life

long Life Milk 1L x 6: Long Life Milk, a product renowned for its convenience and extended shelf life, undergoes a meticulous commercial sterilization process to ensure the complete absence of pathogens and microorganisms.

The milk utilized in its production is predominantly sourced from pasture-fed cows that roam freely, thereby upholding a commitment to sustainability and ethical farming practices.



In alignment with ecological consciousness, the packaging of Long Life Milk demonstrates a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility. Comprising over 80% plant-based raw materials, the packaging reduces dependency on non-renewable resources and minimizes the ecological footprint.

Furthermore, this packaging is entirely recyclable, enabling the facilitation of proper waste management and contributing to the attainment of a circular economy.

By opting for Long Life Milk, consumers not only enjoy the advantages of a commercially sterile product sourced from ethically raised cows but also actively participate in fostering a more sustainable future through the utilization of packaging that prioritizes renewable materials and recycling practices.