Cremora Sticks

Cremora Sticks 4g x 200: With its rich, creamy texture and distinctive flavor, CREMORA stands as the unequivocal creamer of choice within South Africa.

Notably, this powdered coffee creamer adheres to stringent standards of compliance, boasting both Kosher and Halaal certifications.



Nestlé Cremora Sticks are a powdered coffee creamer produced by Nestlé, a well-known food and beverage company. These sticks are designed to make it easy for consumers to improve the flavor and texture of their coffee. They come in individual stick format, making them suitable for on-the-go coffee preparation or situations where portion control is important.

When used in hot beverages like coffee, tea or other drinks, Nestlé Cremora Sticks provide a rich and creamy experience, enhancing the overall taste. The powdered form of the creamer ensures effortless dissolution, resulting in a seamless blending process and a satisfying drinking experience.

In addition to convenience, Nestlé Cremora Sticks prioritize quality and dietary requirements. They are manufactured in adherence to Kosher and Halaal certifications, ensuring compliance with specific religious dietary guidelines.

Overall, Nestlé Cremora Sticks are a reliable choice for individuals who want to enhance the flavor and richness of their hot beverages conveniently and while on the go.