Serviettes 1PLY | 2PLY

Serviettes, also commonly known as napkins, are essential tableware items used for wiping hands and mouths during meals. The terms “1 ply” and “2 ply” refer to the number of layers in the napkin.



A 1-ply serviette, as the name suggests, consists of a single layer of paper. It is thinner compared to 2-ply napkins and is generally more lightweight. Due to its single-layer construction, 1-ply serviettes are often more economical and cost-effective. However, they may be less absorbent and not as strong as their 2-ply counterparts.

A 2-ply serviette is made up of two layers of paper, which are bonded together. The added layer provides increased thickness, strength and absorbency compared to 1-ply napkins. 2-ply serviettes are more durable and can better withstand use during meals.